Tuesday is Dog’s Night Out  

This is an annual classic at Kelly’s…

Bring your dog and (insert name here)will receive a free ice cream and bone!

Yarf! Yarf!

Party Hearty!  

Kelly’s is the place to bring family and friends together.

  • Birthday parties
  • Graduations
  • Rehearsal Dinners
  • (Even Wedding Receptions)


See Jim for details and scheduling…

Woodstock At Kelly’s  

Wow! Is this going to be a great night!

Friday, August 1st…5 pm – 9 pm

DJ playing the 60s…

Face Painting for Kids…

Lemonade Stand…

Tye Dye Ice Cream

You Don’t Want To Miss This!

Contact Jim to learn about how much fun "Woodstock" is going to be!

Yes, Tye Dye ice cream. Disco ball. A little music on tap. Maybe some dancing.

Friday, August 1st...5 pm - 9 pm

It’s just flat out fun at Kelly’s…


Reduced memberships still available.

Hit balls until your hands bleed.

We have band aids.

Soothing salve.


Come see us or contact Jim.

A word from Jim...

…"Wow! What a night 50s Nite was" Everyone had a blast! We are primed for Woodstock Nite. Come dressed (please). Look Woodstockish and get a free round of mini-golf. Friday. August 1st. 5-9. See you here.